How to water newly planted trees.

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Water is one of the most essential things for trees to survive. It is especially important for newly planted (or transplanted) trees. Newly planted trees are vulnerable to stress of being moved and transplanted into a new environment, and it may cause death. Proper watering can ease stress and grow healthy.


There is no fixed way to water a newly planted tree. Water requirements depend on many factors: season, rain, wind, temperature, humidity, soil, tree species, etc. However, the very basic rule of watering a newly planted tree is once a day for the first two weeks. It will keep a newly planted tree hydrated and healthy from drying out. You can water it once a week after the first two weeks. You should check the soil around the tree if it is dry or not, so you can water more frequently if necessary.


One of the easiest ways to water a newly planted tree is using a garden hose. Turn the hose on with slow water flow and put the hose around the tree base so water can soak the soil. Run and wait for the water to soak deep in the soil, not just around the base of the tree. Water should soak in the ground at least 12 inches deep to give hydration to the tree. Watering should be a slow process to maintain the structure of the soil.

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