5 Tips To Maintain Your Trees Healthy

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Keeping your tree roots healthy is very important because they are in charge of performing many of the tree’s vital functions, such as anchoring the tree, absorb water, and wrest vital nutrients from the soil. Here are some tips on how to maintain your trees healthy:

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  1. When planting trees always make sure to remove them from the containers where they come, without breaking the soil loose from the roots or breaking them.
  2. When digging the hole for planting the tree, make sure to make it five times wider than the tree diameter, but only as deep as the root ball.
  3. If you are planning to do yard improvements, take into consideration that tree roots can exist all around your yard, and things like adding another layer of soil or installing asphalt, cement, brick, or plastic around new or existing trees, inhibits oxygen and water availability to the roots.
  4. Read labels carefully when choosing weed control chemicals. Trees can be severely damaged by some chemicals.
  5. Be careful when running your lawnmower. If you run it over large roots, it can cause decay problems and weaken your tree.

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