Are wood chips useful in the garden?

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There are different thoughts about wood chips being used as garden mulch. Some people think it is helpful because wood chips provide a good amount of oxygen and nutrients to the soil. However, others believe wood chips absorb too much nitrogen from the soil, so they prevent growing and developing trees. Which opinion do you think is actually true?


Most professional arborists and gardeners will agree that using natural and organic stuff to garden is better than using artificial chemicals. Organic gardens will produce healthier plants and trees and preserve the soil for generations to come. Chemicals also can make the soil habitable for trees and plants, but they can ruin the yard and garden essentially till the chemicals have been used fully and the soil returns to it’s normal state. Homeowners can prevent this by using organic ingredient fertilizer and compost. In the wild, trees and plants are constantly exposed to pieces of wood from other trees due to wind. Wood chips are all natural ingredients like wild trees, so many homeowners are using them for the yard and garden. It is very important to choose 100% natural wood chips without chemicals or preservatives. Some companies put different kinds of chemicals in their wood chips to prevent decay or rot, but it can be negative to trees and plants. When homeowners put all natural wood chips around trees and plants, they will begin to rot slowly. It may seem like it is bad at first glance, but rotting material enhances the nutrients for trees and plants by the microorganism growth. Wood chips also have high concentrations of carbon and cellulose, which are essential for trees and plants. When wood chips begin to rot, they will make a considerable amount of both compounds. Trees and plants live on cellulose and carbon, so it is the best to use wood chips as mulch. We, Royal Tree LLC provide 100% natural, chemical free wood chips to our customers.

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