Be careful when hiring a tree company.

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Are homeowners responsible for tree care accidents on their property? It is not simple to answer because it depends on the state law, the type of insurance coverage that the tree company and homeowner each has, and the situation of the accident.

Tree work can be very dangerous, even for skilled tree experts, so homeowners always have to be cautious to ensure protecting their home and property. Liability is a complex issue, but there are several tips homeowners should keep in mind to reduce the risk of lawsuit.

Do not forget to verify credentials and contracts.

Before hiring a tree company, always ask for validated certificates of liability and tree worker’s compensation insurance. This is very important because not all tree companies are trustworthy. If homeowners hire a company without insurance or current certificates, homeowners may be responsible for accidents, injuries, and damaged property. Disreputable tree care companies may not have that documentation, may fabricate them, or may exaggerate their coverage. It is always good to verify their claims by contacting their insurance company directly.

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