De-Icing Salt And Tree Health

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In the greater Denver area (Aurora, Littleton, Centennial) during the winter, road crews use de-icing salts to melt ice. While the salts used work great on the road, they can cause severe damage to your trees health. Salt deposits affect the roots, buds and stems of the tree and can prevent growth during the Colorado spring time.


Royal Tree recommends:

  • Only using de-icing salts if absolutely necessary.
  • Mixing de-icing salts with sand, and other materials that do not harm trees.
  • Improve drainage soils with the addition of gypsum and charcoal.
  • Put up barriers around the edge of concrete areas to prevent leeching of de-icing salts into tree roots.
  • Plant new trees away from roads that constantly get salt during winter in Denver.
  • Consult with Royal Tree to find species that have higher salt tolerance.

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