How to Properly Care for your Trees in Colorado

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5 Tips for Tree Care in Denver

Trees and shrubs offer many benefits for homeowners when properly selected and planted correctly, in an appropriate location. Some of these benefits are improving a home’s appearance and increasing its value, as well as providing shade, weather protection, privacy, and year-round enjoyment. But in order to enjoy the benefits of your trees and shrubs, it is important to follow these tree caring tips:

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When planting the seeds make sure to water them with two gallons of water. Also, make sure to water your trees and shrubs daily once they are planted, with at least one gallon of water.

Wildlife Damage

Avoid using poisons to keep wildlife from damaging your trees and shrubs. One way to eliminate pocket gophers is by placing a half stick of chewing gum in the burrow.


It is not recommended to use a fertilizer on new seedlings. Avoid using nitrogen before the second year and never put any manure in the planting hole.

Weed Control

Make sure to eliminate weeds around each seedling for at least two feet. Cover seedlings with a bucket or use another form of shield to keep spray from the seedling. When hoeing, use care not to damage shallow roots.


Fabric mulch helps reduce weed competition and water loss from the soil. Mulch also allows rainfall to pass through the fabric to the soil, restrict weed growth, and permit oxygen exchange between the air and the soil.

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