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Pruning and trimming: for proper tree care and maintenance

In order to keep your garden landscaping attractive, you should consider having your trees pruned and trimmed. Both services help remove dead or broken limbs and contribute to keeping your trees and shrubs healthy. While pruning is meant for trees and shrubs, trimming is essentially applied to shrubs and hedges. However, trees can also be trimmed.

Tree pruning in Colorado

Prune in summerPruning involves the selective removal of parts of a tree or shrub, such as branches, buds, or roots. It helps stimulate the growth of new healthier branches, and allow necessary light to reach critical parts of the tree. Here are some advantages of pruning your plants:

  • Deadwood removal
  • Increasing the yield or quality of flowers and fruits
  • Preparing for transplanting
  • Reducing the risk of injury caused by falling branches
  • Shaping (controlling or directing growth)

Trimming services in Colorado

Trimming is the removal of excess and overgrown branches, mainly from shrubs and hedges, for aesthetic purposes. Trees can be trimmed but they need specialized equipment and tools. It is typically done to maintain the shape and design of the shrub or tree. Trimming should happen at least once or twice a year. Here are some benefits for trimming your plants:Arborist trimming a tree

  • Improve and maintain health
  • Improve the overall appearance and structure of the plants
  • Maintain ornamental value
  • Open up your property and improve your view
  • Reduce the risk of harm (by removing dead branches)

It’s highly recommended to trim or prune a tree during its dormant season. Royal Tree Company offers professional tree services so you always stand guaranteed of better tree health.

When your trees or shrubs require professional pruning, trimming, or removal, call Royal Tree Company

Neglected trees can compromise your garden’s beauty. Don’t let this happen to you! At Royal Tree Company quality service is the foundation of our business. We offer trimming and pruning services for removing dead and unsightly branches and limbs from trees. We offer all services for complete tree care and maintenance: Tree Trimming/Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree/Shrub Planting, Tree Scaping, Land Clearing, Stump Grinding, Cabling/Bracing.

We are always seeking new ways to improve our craft, and continue our high quality services for the Colorado community, for all your tree needs in Colorado. Call us today for a free estimate by one of our ISA certified arborists. When talking about trees we are simply the best! and we are always available, 24 hours for emergencies.

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