Signs of unhealthy trees.

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There are many ways to tell if your trees are unhealthy but sometimes it can be difficult to tell exactly what the issue is. Although most common tree issues are some sort of water problem, there are also many other things that hurt or kill your tree. Pests, invasive species, disease and improper planting are your other main causes for an unhealthy tree. Trees make a great home to pests and borers, if you see bore holes or fluids coming from a wound in your tree you need to get an arborist to your home and get the problem area treated as soon as possible. Leaving these issues alone can cause severe health issues to the tree and can even cause death. When it comes to planting a tree always let a professional handle the job. Although it seems simple to just dig a hole and put the tree in there is a lot more that goes into it. The most common planting problem we face is homeowners planting the tree too deep. Always remember it is better to plant the tree too shallow than too deep. These are just a few things to keep and eye on when taking a look at your trees. Always call a professional to come take a look if you are not sure what the issue is.

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