Spring Snow

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Spring Snow

Every Spring in Colorado, especially here in the Denver, Centennial, Littleton, and Aurora area, we receive heavy wet snows.

This heavy wet snow, while beautiful, can be very damaging to trees and other plants. The danger in Spring time snow is that the snow can be very wet, as the temperatures are not as cold. The wet snow is more dense, stickier, and thus much heavier.

Often times, this isn’t cause for concern if your trees foliage has not blossomed out; however, if the tree has blossomed out, the wet snow can become very, very dangerous. Broken limbs, split trunks, and property damage are often the results of our wet, Colorado Spring snows.

The best tool for prevention is to have your trees pruned properly by an ISA certified arborist, before the snows come. Maintaining your trees and pruning them properly will allow them to have less surface area, and thus, reduce the chance of limb breakage during wet snows.

Consult Royal Tree LLC for a free estimate to prune your trees before it is too late.