What to do with exposed roots?

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Why do some trees have exposed roots? There are two reasons why it happens. One is the species of trees. Specific species like Maples are more likely to have this situation than other trees. As trees age,, their feeder roots will get bigger and go deeper into the soil, so it is possible to see the roots. Another reason is the landscape and soil composition. If the soil composition is uneven, rocky or dry, the roots tend to be exposed.


So what can homeowners do for a tree with exposed roots? You may think that the best way to deal with them is to cover them with soil, but this can cause trees to have a problem with water intake. When feeder roots are covered with a lot of soil, it may keep them from getting water to maintain good health.


Exposed tree roots are seldom harmful, but many homeowners do not like seeing them in the yard. Homeowners can use mulch to cover the exposed roots instead of soil. Mulch is lighter and more breathable than soil is, and it has nutrient concentration as well. It will protect the exposed roots and allow them to absorb oxygen and water. Ideally, homeowners should use the same type of mulch that the tree is made of, if possible.

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