Tree Trimming / Pruning

Removing dead and unsightly branches and limbs from trees not only makes them more aesthetically pleasing, but also decreases the risk of insect and decay organisms from entering the tree.  Additionally, removing codominant leaders and other potential over stressed areas of the tree makes the tree physically stronger, and less likely to fail during high winds and storms, resulting in fewer costs and potentially dangerous situations for the homeowner.  Pruning can also stimulate growth, and allow necessary light to reach critical parts of the tree.  Call Royal Tree today for a free estimate to trim up your trees and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood!

Tree Removal

As a last resort, when all other options have been exercised, sometimes tree removal is the best option.  When the tree poses a threat to people or property, is clearly dead, or has undergone serious root damage, it may be time to remove the tree.  Removing a tree, particularly one of high value, is a decision to weigh carefully.  Call Royal Tree and set up an appointment with one of our ISA certified arborists to determine whether or not removal is the best course of action.

Tree/Shrub Planting

They increase property values, can prevent soil erosion, can lower utilities, provide shade, provide wood, clean the air, oh yeah, and they make oxygen! Trees! Finding the proper species that will thrive in Colorado’s unique environment can sometimes be a challenge.  Contact Royal Tree for a free consultation with an arborist to discuss your tree needs!

Tree Scaping

Whether you have a new, tree-less lot, have suffered tree damage from forest fire, disease or insect problems, or are just looking to transform your open space and add some value to your property, we can help you design and implement a tree program.  Call Royal Tree today for consultation with an ISA certified arborist about getting your property TreeScaped.

Land Clearing

Whether you just purchased ten mountain acres, and would like it cleared of trees, or just want to thin out that ‘forest’ in your back yard, Royal Tree can do it.  We clear at the rate of about an acre per day.  For larger jobs over 10 acres, we will travel anywhere in Colorado.

Stump Grinding

Tired of that unsightly stump in your yard?  Royal Tree can quickly and effectively grind it down a maximum 10 inches below grade.  No stump too small or too large. Call Royal Tree today.


While not employed often, cabling and bracing methods to secure limbs and reduce risk of a potentially hazardous limb fall still can be necessary in certain situations.  Generally only use on very high value trees, cabling and bracing a tree greatly reduces the possibility of limb failure.  Call an arborist at Royal Tree today for a free consultation, to see if cabling/bracing is necessary for your tree(s).