3 Reasons To Hire Professional Arborists

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There are a lot of “Do-It-Yourself” homeowners in America. You might be one of them, so you secretly want to do your tree removal or tree pruning by yourself. If it is a tiny job, that would be a good idea. However, most tree jobs require professional knowledge and skills. You just want to cut some costs on hiring a tree company, but it could be more expensive because of your ER bill, damaged fences, or broken roof or windows.


Here are three big reasons why you should hire a tree company to do tree job.


  1. Tools to use

You might think turning on a chainsaw and cutting some branches or a whole tree is a piece of cake. However, chainsaws are extremely dangerous tools to use correctly. When you forget to change a dull chain to a new one, it forces the operator to use high pressure, so it can lose control. Chainsaws without control would be a huge disaster.

Tree jobs require not only hand saws, axes and rakes but also chainsaws, wood chippers and stump grinders. Sometimes, they need very special equipment only professional arborists can operate. Not many average homeowners have them at home.


  1.  Knowledge and skills for tree jobs

Arborists and tree workers acquire the knowledge and trained skills from several years of their experience. It might look like an easy deal to cut some branches down from a tall tree, but can you calculate an exact drop zone, cut a precise length of the branch, and use a rope as a leverage to lower the branch down? If you miss anything, it can cause some damage to your house and even your body.


  1. Situational Awareness

Even though the homeowners know about trees and have some skills to deal with trees, there is still a chance to become a victim. The most common situational danger is electrical wires. Many trees grow and stretch their branches and leaves around the electrical wires. A lot of less-trained tree workers get injured or even killed when they contact the power through tools or limbs. Dealing with the electricity is dangerous even for professional tree workers, so you don’t want to chance it.  


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