Benefits Of Choosing Colorado Native Shrubs For Your Garden

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Colorado native shrubs offer many advantages and benefits to homeowners. Today we would like to give you 5 of these great benefits of choosing native shrubs for your garden:

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1) When you choose native shrubs they are naturally adapted to the Colorado climate, soils, and environmental conditions, giving them better chances of growing healthy and strong.

2) Colorado native shrubs are easier to maintain and they require reduced external input such as watering, fertilizing, and pruning. If you don’t use native shrubs they will require more time and maintenance.

3) When you use native shrubs, they will attract a wide variety of native wildlife including mammals, birds, and butterflies that are common in Colorado.

4) Landscaping with native shrubs on a large or small scale can maintain biodiversity that otherwise could be lost  due to the rapid urbanization in Colorado.

5) Native shrubs provide natural beauty to your home garden and increase your home value.

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