How to Remove Old Tree Stumps

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After homeowners cut down an old dead tree in their yard, it is inevitable to have to deal with the remaining stump. Some will leave it in the yard, and some will want to remove it because of unease of mowing the lawn around it. Old tree roots have been entrenched deeply under the ground for years or even decades, so it is not an easy job to remove a tree stump.

One of the ways to remove a tree stump is digging it out. It is simple to say, but not easy to do. Tree roots don’t only grow vertically but also horizontally. That means homeowners have to dig a wide enough circle around the stump with a shovel and several feet underneath it eventually. After exposing the root structure holding the stump from the ground, homeowners have to use a root saw to cut it. Professional arborists do not recommend using axes to cut, because homeowners may strike a rock under the ground, and it can cause an accident. After cutting them off from the root structure, homeowners can dig up and remove the stump.

Another way is burning the stump. Homeowners must make sure there is nothing like wood debris or dry grass which can catch fire around the stump before burning it. After putting several sticks as tinder on the top of the stump, pour some lighter fluid over the stump and set it fire. It is great solution to remove big old stumps, but it takes a long time, and can be dangerous. Small stumps may take 6-12 hours to burn fully, and larger ones may take over a day to burn well. Homeowners must not leave a stump burning alone. If homeowners have to leave the spot for a reason, they have to put the fire out or have somebody watch it.

If those two ways seem like too much work, homeowners can always hire a tree company to remove the stump. It is hassle free. We, Royal Tree LLC have a lot of experience and proper equipment to remove it. We use a special stump grinding machine to grind the stump 6 inches below grade, leaving a whole that can be backfilled with dirt. We will remove everything left behind.  

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