This Is the Best Time Of The Year To Plant Trees in Denver

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If you live in Colorado’s Front Range, now and until June 15th is the best time to plant new trees! Why? Temperature! It’s a simple answer, but a very practical one. Spring is the best time for new trees to grow because there will hopefully be no more freezing temperatures overnight, that would kill the new life striving to survive, and the Summer heat is not in yet. After mid June it’s usually to0 hot to plant.  So, you may imagine how these are the busiest days for us… Which is why we recommend you call us right now. We would love to hear about your upcoming Tree Projects and schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with our Colorado arborists.

Other Very Useful Tips On How To Keep Your Trees Healthy

Having trees on your property is a great thing to do and you get to enjoy several advantages such as increasing your property value. But in order to enjoy all these advantages, it is important that your trees grow and are kept healthy at all times. Here are 5 tips to maintain healthy trees in Denver:

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1) The very first thing you need to know when you are going to plant a tree on your property, is choosing the right tree in the right place, at the right time. Always taking into consideration the space limits like power lines for example and the space the roots will take up as well.

2) We recommend you hire a qualified (ISA Certified) arborist to take care of all your tree services and needs. Making the wrong choice can cause your other unfortunate problems in the long run. Because we are locals, we know the best type and size of trees for the specific Denver weather and landscape.

3) Trees need water, so you’ll need to always water them, mostly when they are young. In Summer, a young tree needs 10 gallons of water per week. It’s also best to water them when the temperature is cooler, early in the morning or late in the afternoon or evening.

4) Roots represent life for a tree, so leaving the roots alone is a great idea when having a tree. As we said, knowing how much space the roots will need is also important. It will protect your house, your sidewalk and walkway and your other plants and trees.

5) It is always good to mulch around your trees to reduce compaction; protect soils from drying out, and to keep lawn mowers and string trimmers from wounding the bark.

With these very useful tips and the help of our local, knowledgable ISA Certified Arborist, your trees have a better chance of a long and healthy life.

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Royal Tree Company Ready to Plant Some Trees All Over Denver

Royal Tree is a full service tree company that provides the highest standards of customer service. With us, you are truly appreciated and treated as you deserve. We have more than 14 years of Arboriculture experience, and are ISA certified arborists.

Always seeking new ways to improve our craft, and continue delivering the best customer service at the best price in the market, for all your tree needs in Colorado. Call us today for a free estimate by one of our ISA certified arborists. When talking about trees we are simply the best! and we are always available, 24 hours for emergencies.

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