Why is Tree Work SO Expensive?

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One of the most often questions an arborist get asked is, “why is tree work so expensive”?


I’m here to tell you a little bit why tree work is so expensive. As with many industries such as orthodontists and pediatrics (although completely different fields) tree work is a very specialized service. Although lots of  people can go and pass an ISA certified 280 question test, not very many people have the ‘in the field’ know how to perform these tasks. Being an arborist or professional tree trimmer requires a heightened sense of what is going on every single minute of every single day. In this business there is no room for mistakes, no backspace button and no delete. Although Royal Tree Llc has never had to file an insurance claim, there is a reason we carry a 2 million dollar insurance policy. Anything can happen at anytime if you do not know exactly what you are doing at every single given minute.

So your probably asking yourself, “why is tree trimming that intense”? The reason being is that arborists do not just trim trees , they also remove limbs and dead trees that can be overhanging houses and other valuable items. One wrong cut and you might just send 5k pounds of wood into someones living room. Make one more wrong cut and you might total someones classic car sitting inside there garage. One more thing a lot of poeple do not think about is the fact that we have to insure our employees. Do you have any idea how much it costs to insure an employee that is hanging from a rope in a tree with a chainsaw? I’ll leave that one to google.

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