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Choose Colorado Native Trees for your garden and contribute to the biodiversity of the State

Patio trees and plants DenverA garden with native species, even in small scale, can maintain biodiversity that otherwise would be lost to development. There are many benefits to using Colorado native trees for home. Colorado native trees are naturally adapted to their specific conditions, such as climate, soil, and environmental conditions. When correctly placed, they can be ideal plants for a sustainable landscape that requires less external inputs than non-native species. In order to see these benefits, the planting spot must approximate the natural environmental conditions of the plant in its native habitat. Colorado’s professional arborists will happily help you turn your garden into a wildlife habitat.

Native Trees for Colorado: Do you know them?

A big bonus of using Colorado native trees in your garden is that they attract a wide variety of wildlife including birds, and butterflies as well as some mammals; that combined with native shrubs makes your garden a natural sanctuary. Here are some Native Trees for Colorado:

Picea pungens our State Tree! The bluish color is the result of white powder deposited on the needles that will make your garden look great.

Alnus tenuifolia known as Alder tree, the leaves are used as food by numerous butterflies and moths.

Pinus aristata Bristlecone pine is an interesting small evergreen tree, considered a character tree, good for accent use in the garden.

Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas-fir is the most common and widely available type of Christmas tree. You just have to put on the lights.

Quercus gambelii Gambel oak attacks birds and mammals such as Western Scrub Jay, black-billed magpie, grouse, deer, and others.

Pinus ponderosa called Ponderosa pine is associated with several bird species including Steller’s jay, brown creeper, white and red-breasted nuthatches, juncos, red-shafted flicker, and the colorful western tanager, a summer resident from the tropics.

Native trees should not be extracted from the wild forest because this reduces the biodiversity and causes a disturbed area that may be invaded by other plants such as weeds.

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While doing good to mother earth by planting trees, make sure you are doing it right

Well care trees will reward the homeowner with their natural beauty and other benefits. But, finding the proper species that will thrive in Colorado’s unique environment can sometimes be a challenge. Contact Royal Tree for a free consultation with an arborist to discuss your tree needs! We offer quality service, where the customer is truly appreciated, and treated as so, is the foundation of our business.  The founders have 14 years of Arborculture experience, and are ISA certified arborists.  We have always looked to improve our craft, and deliver the best service at the best price.

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