How to protect garden from heavy rain

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rain in forest


Rain is one of the most essential things to grow plants and trees. When it rains too little, everything dries up and dies. Too much is as bad as too little. Heavy rain also can damage trees and plants causing mildew and mold. So, how can you protect your yard from heavy rain?


  • Drainage Ditch

Homeowners have to make sure that there is proper water drainage for surface runoff when it rains heavily. Rain water should not pool up around the middle of the garden. If water does not flow away and accumulates around the base of the yard, the soil will be saturated with water, so plants and trees will be drowning as well. Homeowners can prevent this bad situation by digging a drainage ditch.  


  • Supporting Stakes

Heavy rain usually comes with strong wind, and this can cause more dangerous situations to your plants and trees, such as bending, snapping, breaking, etc. Homeowners can use stakes to support trees and plants to prevent this situation. You can put a wood stake next to a plant or a tree and tie them together. It sounds very simple, but the stakes will protect plants and trees from the severe rain and wind.


  • Removing damaged limbs and shoots

If you find some damaged limbs and shoots before heavy rain, you have to remove them to prevent further problems. Leaving damaged limbs or shoots will only cause worse issues like disease or death. You can trim away damaged parts with clean gardening scissors and saws.


Homeowners can do a few simple things to protect the garden from heavy rain, but prevention is always the best way. Inspect trees and plants frequently for any signs of damage and disease. It will give you a better chance of fixing trees and plants to notifying issues earlier.  


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