How To Protect Trees and Plants From Frost Damage

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In the springtime, new buds and blooms start to spring out from trees and plants. They have been waiting to come out for a long time during winter, so frost in early spring is not their best friend. If homeowners don’t prepare frost damage and don’t take care of their trees and plants, they can die due to Spring frost. Here are some protective ways to prevent frost damage. Homeowners can prevent problems when a sudden freeze will occur.


Using additional mulch or wood chips:

If the temperature drops quick and coldness snaps over night, homeowners can pad extra mulch around the plants and trees. This is actually one of the best ways to keep plants and trees from frost damage. Additional mulch will create better thermal resistance for trees and plants. Homeowners don’t need any special type or mixture of mulch, and you can put a 3-4 inches layer of any type of mulch or woodchips around the base of trees and plants. This will help the root system from coming back quickly once the weather turns warm again. We, Royal Tree LLC provide 100% natural, chemical free wood chips to our customers.


Using a cold frame:

Another method to prevent frost damage for plants and trees is using a cold frame. Cold frames are basically small boxed enclosures with a retractable glass roof. The glass roof functions as a green house by keeping warmth inside for plants and trees to absorb. Homeowners can even  build their own cold frames with some basic supplies and equipment. When the temperature drops down, homeowners just put a cold frame over the plants or small trees. This is an easy and fast to keep them warm.



Using a fan:

This sounds very weird, but a fan can help protect plants or trees from frost damage too. Homeowners just place a fan next to the weakest plants or trees and let it run on the lowest wind setting possible. The constant air flow will blow away any remaining water which can freeze.


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