Symptoms and Signs of Stressed Trees

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Stress is a condition not only to humans or other animals, but also to trees and plants. When a tree is under stress, it can grow very slowly, or it can even die. Unfortunately trees can not speak or complain, even though they are suffering from stress. How can homeowners tell they are not doing well? There are several symptoms and signs of stressed trees which homeowners can notice.  


  • Small Leaves

One of the obvious symptoms is small leaves. Needless to say, different kinds and varieties of tree have different size leaves. Comparing to normal trees, however, stressed trees’ leaves are much smaller. This could be a result of a disease issue, nutritional deficiency, or the impact of environmental changes or stresses in the past year or so near the tree.


  • Trunk Damage

Homeowners can inspect the tree’s trunk as a sign of damage. If there are cracks in progress, it can be significant of stress. A cracked trunk means that there may be dacay to settle in under the ground which can cause stress. When decay begins on the trunk, the tree can eventually die. Homeowners have to check the tree’s trunk regularly.  


  • Smaller Canopy

When a tree gets stressed out, its canopy will get smaller, and shed some leaves while growing. If it gets more stressed, leaves will get thinner.


  • Bark Coming Off

Bark serves as a protector for the xylum of trees – it prevents bugs, mold, bacteria, and other invaders from attacking it. When a tree gets stressed, homeowners can see bark falling off from the tree. Losing bark layer can make a tree vulnerable to damage and more stress.



  • Premature Fall Leaf Coloration

Homeowners can tell a stressed tree by the premature coloring of fall leaves. Deciduous trees and shrubs usually change the colors of the green leaves to red, yellow, orange, purple, pink, blue and brown during the first few weeks of the fall season. Stressed trees may suffer this change sooner than usual, before the autumn season comes.


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