How to Straighten a Leaning Tree

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People thinks trees are supposed to grow straight up to the sky. However, you can see many trees leaning towards the ground. Why does this happen? One of the possible reasons is loose soil when you plant or especially transplant a tree. If the soil is too loose, the weight of a tree can cause it to tilt. Other reasons can cause it to tilt are drainage problems, strong winds, a weak trunk, weak root systems, and so on. Some leaning trees can fix themselves, but in most cases you have to help them stand up straight.


When a tree starts leaning, the risk of falling over to a house and a property starts going up as well. Unfortunately, there are not many ways to fix older leaning trees which have been growing  the same posture for more than 5 years. However, you can correct young and smaller leaning trees and trees which have been recently transplanted.


If the leaning tree is young and small, you can use stakes to straighten it up. You will need stakes, and either rope or wire. Put the stakes into the ground by the tree, and make the rope or wire tight, so it can pull the tree straight. You have to leave that pulling system for one full season. You will see the tree become straighter, or straighter than before at least at the end of the season.


Another way to straighten a tree is uprooting and transplanting the tree in a new spot. Actually, this is the most effective solution, but there is a risk to stress out the tree, so it may cause the death of the tree. You have to put the old soil that the tree was in as much as possible on a new location.


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